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AMORE jewelry


Role: UX Designer

Nick, Kwame and Luke want to create a jewelry line that specializes in gold necklaces, rings and bracelets for men.


Have a site that will allow Nick, Kwame and Luke to sell their jewelry worldwide.


Kwame, Nick and Luke are young business owners that want to make the Amore brand stand out from the competition. The challenge is ensuring their website exudes an appeal to men of all different age ranges, while also making sure their jewelry is displayed in an marketable and organized manner.


Challenge 1: Appeal to men everywhere regardless of background.

Challenge 2: Add simple elements to make finding what you need simple.

Challenge 3: Insert clean photography that portrays the jewelry clearly.


Product Insight

To ensure success and longevity for the Amore brand, research was conducted to understand the basic needs for a jewelry line to be successful. Some of the quotes that provided the most feedback included:

“Easy navigation, transparency, online shopping features and an interactive chatbot– these define…websites” –


“Less is more, for a brand just taking off a solid first impression is paramount – hence the importance of viewing your product as an ambassador for your vision.” –


“Learn to market and sell your services on value, and not price, and how to leverage these things instead of directly competing with them” –


“You don’t need to make an expensive and complicated website if you want to know how to make jewerly a successful business venture.”


”You should also have a page dedicated to your brand’s story so customers can get to know you better.” –

User Needs

compaudit amore.png

Include a page dedicated to the brand’s story

compaudit amore.png

Add simple navigation

compaudit amore.png

Avoid too many elements

compaudit amore.png

Incorporate a solid first impression

compaudit amore.png

Have a visible chatbot

Helping Amore Even More

The Amore Founders


Luke Jetson


Kwame Amabe


Nick Anerson

The Amore founders also needed assistance with establishing a logo for their brand. To ensure the right look would appeal to them and their future buyers, three different styles were presented on their Instagram story. They three options were demonstrated with a survey on which style voters liked most.

Option 1


Option 2

font 3.png

Option 3


Amore voting results.png




The founders also shared the DMs that they received throughout the survey submissions. Some of the messages included the following:

“Number 1 hands down, no competition. I love it!”

“The first one is dope. It’s def my fave."

“They’re all nice, but the simplicity of the 1st option stands out.

Based on the survey options and feedback received, option 1 was favored by majority of users.
Consequently, this was the logo style that would be incorporated into the website.

Competitive Audit

5 of the top jewelry lines (David Yurman, Tiffany & Co, Jared, The Gold's God, Zales) that cater to men were put through a competitive audit. These were the themes that reoccurred within the sites:

compaudit amore.png

Insert men wearing jewelry on the homepage.

Have pages dedicated to each type
of jewelry.

Include a diverse range of models.

Include image of item by itself and on a model.

3-4 items per row is ideal.

Include accessibility to available social media handles.




User Journey

Amore Site Map.png



Links to each jewelry item offered on the website are represented within the menu. In addition, the font's logo that received the most positive feedback is included throughout the website. Diverse models with a bracelet, necklace and ring​ are also displayed.



Displays of each category of jewelry is shown in different styles that range from casual to upscale. Below each item are names and price points.

Amore 6.png

Bracelet Details

An enlarged image of the bracelet item with specs and the ability to add the item into your cart.



This is the final page before the official purchase is made. Here, customers enter their contact details, address and payment information.




Ample space is reserved for text. After the salutation, images are incorporated that provide an insight to how the Amore jewelry is created. Additional displays of the jewelry are also added for marketing purposes.

Amore 9.png

Shopping Cart

Details of items added into the cart along with the option to checkout. The subtotal is shared, along with the total with tax included.


Payment Confirmation

The end of the purchase journey ends with a thank you for the purchase made. A summary is also added for the customer's convenience.

The theme was chosen with the founders and target audience in mind. I knew that they'd want a youthful, trendy and clean look. Images with angles that strategically place the jewelry impacted which images were chosen.

man wearing jewerly.jpeg


Amore Jewelry's aesthetic exudes a clean and fresh look that can withstand the competition in the market. During my creation experience, I was able to understand the value in keeping things simple. Although the website has a simple look and feel, the quality of the images and selection of calligraphy enhances the value of the brand.

Thinking Ahead

For future design ideas, trends that are in the market will need to be examined to ensure Amore is keeping up with their competitors. 

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