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Role: UX Designer


Ahmad owns a well known company called Live Well that focuses on house décor and he wants to expand the company by launching a second brand. 


Launch Rest Well, a company that will include sofas and couches in the repertoire. 


Live Well has had tremendous success, and for years customers have been wondering when they would sell furniture. Five years later, Ahmad is ready to launch Rest Well. However, he is nervous of how his new company will be perceived by his loyal customers. With this in mind his concerns include:

Challenge #1: Ensuring Rest Well has as much success as Live Well
Challenge #2: Have the modern and fashionable furniture match the company's look and feel


A panel of marketing experts that specialize in retail provided advice on how a furniture brand should market themselves. The panel included four experts with five or more years of experience. The goal was to get their expertise on what Rest Well should do to match the success of Live Well.


Joseph Zhao


Vlad Popov


Teresa White


Alex Lamano

Notable Quotes 

“Symmetry is important when in comes to product placement, it’s been scientifically proven that people gravitate to it.” - Alex Lamano

“Brightness is essential, you really need to make whatever you share pop.” - Vlad Popov


“Consistency is key. You don’t want your brand to look all over the place, therefore. Make sure that you have the same aura throughout the entire page.” - Teresa White

“Ask yourself what theme you want to go for. Your merchandise should tell a story, a story that will cause customers to fall in love with your brand.” - Joseph Zhao


Stick to square shapes to display the furniture.

Incorporate fabric within images.

Utilize colors that are fun and vibrant within text.

Avoid text that is chunky and too bold, to keep a clean look.

Centered text on every page.


User Journey


1. User visits Rest Well website

2. Search for desired furniture

• Use search button

• Click “Shop” button

3. Desired furniture is selected

4. Item is added to favorites or shopping cart

  1. User visits Seat Well website: An interested customer navigates to Rest Well.

  2. Search for desired furniture: Upon arriving on the website they can search for an item or hit the "shop" button.

  3. Desired furniture is selected: Visitors shop for items that they like and can add it to their favorites to revisit for a purchase.

  4. Item is added to shopping cart: The shopper can then check out and complete their journey.





The homepage features the most popular items on the site. An ad for sales currently taken place is also shown to entice visitors to shop. Included is an area to get details on how designers can assist with future or past purchases.

Quality Page.png

On this page, visitors can get information on what Rest Well is made of. Specifically the material that they use, their standard and their promise to provide quality products.

Design Experts Page.png

Design Experts
The Design Experts page gives an insight on why connecting with a professional will have value for prospect users. Images are also inserted with the experts in action, and previous design ideas that have been provided for clients in the past.


Here, all of the inventory that Rest Well has is shown. When you click on an item, you are taken to a page that provides details on specs along with the access to adding an item to your favorites, or your cart.

Furniture Page.png

Item Detail
Upon clicking on an item while shopping, you are taken to this page. It allows you to add the item to the "Favorites" page or to the cart. Below the item are full details on specs that range from design details, features and dimensions.

Favorites Page.png
Profile Page.png

On the profile page, you can access your previous orders and your favorites. Below, you can also see the items that you have previously viewed.

In this area, all of the items placed in the favorites section are accessible to review or add to the cart for purchase.

Orders Page.png

Previous Orders
This page is reached from the profile page and provides a high level overview of what was purchased and the total that was spent.



Rest Well thrives on being a modern brand. So, colors that are fresh and stray away from being dull were top of mind. In order to stand out from the competition, it was important to select a main color that is not common. In addition, adding crisp images of the furniture became a top priority. To execute this, couches that were front facing and had trendy decor were the go-to choice. In addition, showcasing the work that goes on behind the scenes at Rest Well were incorporating to instill customer loyalty and trust.



Working with a company that specializes in furniture was interesting, because I had to hone in on what is being presented to the consumer. I had to ask myself if the way the products were displayed would entice me to make a purchase myself. In the end, I believe the research and design ideas brought everything together to make Rest Well a success. 

Thinking Ahead

In the future, Rest Well should consider adding a a review section, so current buyers can share their love for the product. This can help promote sales for new buyers that are uncertain about whether or not they should make a purchase.

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