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Role: UX Designer


Erick Kogan is a lawyer that specializes in immigration. He is ready to evolve his business by opening a law firm with his talented team of associates.


Expose Kogan & Associates within the DMV area along  to anyone that may potentially need their service


Erick Kogan has been an exceptional lawyer for over the past 30 years, and with his outstanding reputation, he has decided to take his firm to the next level. Although his credentials and work history should speak for itself, he is aware that in today's age it is important to leverage yourself in the digital world to attract more clientele. His hope is that he'll be able to be introduced to a new group of people that may have never heard of him before. 

Challenge #1: Have a law firm that clients can trust

Challenge #2: Display the high professionalism that Erick’s team is made of

Challenge #3: Showcase all of the services that Kogan & Associates has to offer 


Erick is a lawyer that always thinks of his clients first. So, although his goal is to attract new clients he finds value in considering his current clients' thoughts and feedback for his business' expansion . In order to include their considerations, the decision was made to create a written survey that they could submit.


The individuals that were chosen for the survey were selected by Erick. His decision was based on the relationship he has had with them and the cases that he has helped them with.



Name: Maria Santos

Age: 45

Occupation: HR Manager

Hometown: Havana, Cuba

Goal: Petition for mother to come to the United States.

Frustration: The waiting period involved when petitioning.


Name: Juan Ramirez

Age: 51

Occupation: Business Owner

Hometown: Puebla, Mexico

Goal: Become a U.S. citizen.

Frustration: The long application process that is required for citizenship.


Name: Abdi Nuur

Age: 24

Occupation: Somali Translator

Hometown: Hargeisa, Somaliland

Goal: Obtain a green card.

Frustration: Fully understanding the process requirements.

Usability Survey

Maria, Juan and Abdi were given access to the Kogan & Associate website and asked to navigate through it for an initial reaction. They were then sent a three-question survey via email. The questions included the following:


  1. What were your initial thoughts of the Kogan & Associates website?

  2. Did you have difficulty navigating, or finding any specific information from the website?

  3. What was the first thing you were looking forward to seeing on the site?


Maria Santos

  1. I noticed that I have the ability to quickly schedule a consultation as soon as I land on the homepage.

  2. No, not at all.

  3. Booking a consultation. It was great seeing that option straight from the beginning.

Juan Ramirez

  1. The banner on the front caught my attention. I also liked the color scheme on the website. The blue color meshes well with Kogan’s brand.

  2. Not really, it looks like there’s a ton of information on the homepage.

  3. I wanted to really learn about the Kogan & Associates team.

Abdi Nuur

  1. I liked that there is a section that explains why Kogan & Associates is the right law firm for me.

  2. No, all the information that I needed to get access to seems to be laid out well.

  3. I was looking forward to seeing all the areas of practice. The fact that they prioritize green card services is very beneficial.


Based on their responses, three main findings were gathered. The found responses allowed the following conclusion:

There was no difficulty finding necessary content on the website.

The homepage provides the immediate information needed.

The consultation button on the homepage is effective.

The feedback was mostly positive and instilled confidence in the designs that were built.


User Mapping

Kogan sitemap.png






The homepage includes a wide range of information that potential new clients can access. You can fulfill multiple things from booking a consultation, view areas of practice and information about Kogan & Associates.

The Firm Page.png

The Firm

Here, Kogan and his talented team are introduced. You can access their name, title and view more information upon clicking on each individual.

Services Page.png


This page will go into detail on the specific services offered. Images that represent law are also portrayed here. A button to book a consultation is also available for those that become interested after reading about the services.

Contact Page.png


Details on how to contact Kogan & Associates is found here. There is also a submission form , so that there is an option to quickly submit a question or needed services.

Testimonials Page.png


Testimonials for real clients will are shared here. After reading through the testimonials, potential clients can also secure an attorney via the submission form below.

Thank You For Reaching Out.png


After submitting a contact form, future clients are thanked for their submission and given a notice on how long they have to wait to be contacted.



When the thought of working with a law firm came to mind, I immediately thought of the colors blue and gray. I'm sure the same thought crosses the mind of many. I was confident that the color blue would provide a level of brand recognition. I wanted to take it a step further by not going for the traditional royal, or midnight blue that is immersed in varying areas of this industry. So, I opted for something more vibrant. I also wanted to make sure that the visuals representing freedom, and individuals being consulted were present. My goal was to make sure every visitor would immediately know they reached a space that is representative of a law firm.







Erick Kogan has an excellent reputation, therefore I had to handle his needs with care. It was important to showcase his talent, but also make sure that the branding was in alignment with everything he represents. There was a bit of pressure to make sure everything was on point, because his firm does not only represent him - but also his talented team. 

Thinking Ahead

It will be interesting to se how a firm that has operated without an online presence for so long will be impacted with this new digital presence. I would advice Erick to market his new digital space by adding a QR code to any direct marketing collateral that he may currently have.

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