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GROWth bank


Role: UX Designer


Jason and Chris Hanley are two brothers that want to launch a trustworthy bank in a small town.


Create a website that provides peace of mind, with all the basic needs from a financial institution.


Jason and Chris see potential in a small town that would be a great location to open a new financial institution. They want their bank to cater to members from a range of different backgrounds. This would include young members that are opening their first bank account, to seniors that want a bank they can trust.

Challenge 1: Provide a financial institution that new members can trust

Challenge 2: Display the value for potential members of any age


Knowing What They Want

Creating a website that the client loves is top of mind. Through conversation it was clear that Jason and Chris were adamant about ensuring that their bank appeals to a full range of users. Before selecting users for the usability study, it was important to understand the kind of users to include.

Let's Talk

There was a conversation that took place to get an understanding of the personas they felt were important to add in the study. Notes were taken on some of the comments that they shared.


Growth Bank founders, Jason and Chris Hanley.

"My daughter is 25 and one thing that's for sure, is that her peers simply do not think like we once did. I want to really dig into what someone her age thinks of  -Chris

"I've had the same bank since I was in my 30s, and to this day I have been satisfied with every transaction I have had with them. Growth Bank needs to personify this." -Jason

I want a user that looks like me to give us the best feedback. By that, I mean a member that is in their late 50s, in business and knows what they want." -Chris

"I remember being 22 and eager to open my credit card, so that I can furnish my first apartment. I want a kid that has adulting goals as I once did to be as excited to open an account with us." - Chris

Usability Study 

Based on Chris and Jason's preference, five users that ranged from ages 22-62 were selected to complete tasks for a monitored usability study. The purpose of conducting the study was to ensure that Growth Bank delivers to all users and fulfills their financial goals.


1: Open a checking account

2: View credit card options

2: Navigate to blog section



Name: Nadiah Sheikh

Age: 26

Occupation: Student

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Goal: Open a checking account with a straightforward bank.

Frustration: Having to go through several steps just to open a checking account.


Name: Caleb Bandor

Age: 34

Occupation: Cyber Security Expert

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia

Goal: Fall in love with my bank.

Frustration: I want to have multiple credit options, especially because I travel and shop often.


Name: Ronald Walt

Age: 62

Occupation: Business Analyst

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Goal: Have a bank that creates peace of mind and avoids the gimmicks.

Frustration: Not being able to find my bank’s contact information.


Name: Kimberly Jordan

Age: 22

Occupation: Writer

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Goal: Get a banking loan to finance my future book.

Frustration: Being unsure about the best loan to go with.


Name: Janet Moore

Age: 44

Occupation: Art Teacher

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Goal: Have a bank that helps me make better financial decisions.

Frustration: Banks not caring about my needs.

Usability Study Table.png


  • Most users found opening a checking account to be an easy task

  • Viewing all the credit card options were rated a 1/easy among all the users.

  • The hardest task was finding the Blog section


User Flow

Growth Bank User Flow.png


Credit Cards Page.png
Business Page.png
Checking and Savings Page.png
Auto Page.png
Learn More Page.png



Main page has a space for every visitor with quick access to opening an account, logging into an existing account, trending accomplishments and financial tips. 

Checking and Savings Page.png
Growth Mobile.png

Checking & Savings
The checking & savings page has details on the options available. The account options appeal to parents, students and individuals that are looking for perks.

Credit Cards Page.png

Credit Cards
This page provides a full range of all the Growth bank credit cards available. In addition a section to confirm a pre-approval is displayed.

Business Page.png

Growth is an advocate for helping members grow their business. On this page, you can quickly apply for a loan or see options available for financing a business. Below, there is a space for a statement that will reinforce the Growth promise.

Auto Page.png


Visitors can access details on auto finance, refinance and pre-approvals. Images with people engaging in shopping and finance decisions were also added for a personable feel.

Blog Article Page.png

Every blog will feature an image that meshes with the theme of the blog. Below the displayed blogs will be more stories to select from, so users can easily find their next read.

A Mobile Look 

Home page iPhone 14 Pro Max.png
Account Set Up iPhone 14 Pro Max – 4.png
Checking & Savings Page iPhone 14 Pro Max – 3.png
Growth Mobile.png
Checking & Savings Login iPhone 14 Pro Max.png



Every bank has a look and feel that exudes professionalism. It was important to incorporate colors and a font that connect with finance, and blends in with the corporate world. Inserting images of people was also important in order to allow users to feel as if they are connected to their bank.

piggy bank.png


This project was challenging, yet rewarding because I really had to tap into the minds of a multitude of users. Money is a pivotal part of maintaining a comfortable life for majority of people - therefore I knew that there had to be an appeal that resonated with the masses. Most of the projects that I have created were tailored for a specific need, as supposed to what most would consider a necessity. I found the process of finding the most optimal color schemes fun, and ultimately found a color that was equally professional and catching to the eye.

Thinking Ahead

Jason and Chris have considered their members' age, however they will need to further refine Growth Bank with accessibility in mind. Adding audio into certain areas of the site will benefit additional users. 

Since Growth Bank is also going to be the newest financial institution in a small town, it will be important for the owners to examine how they have performed against the competition. Customer attrition should also be examined annually so that they can capture how their new business is performing.

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