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Role: UX Designer



Kojo is a local artist that needs a platform beyond his social media to attract current and future fans.


   Have a platform that presents all the need to know details needed from most artists.


In a world full of aspiring artists, making sure you stand out is imperative. With this in mind, it is so important to have a look that is fresh, palatable and memorable.


Challenge 1: Ensure to have the most important content that is needed for most artists

Challenge 2: Incorporate a look at feel that is current and can compete with the best of the best

Keeping The Client in Mind

Kojo Persona.png

Name: Kojo D

Age: 34

Occupation: Producer, DJ and Musician

Hometown: Washington, D.C

Goal: Have a website that is aesthetically pleasing

Frustration: Not finding someone that can bring his vision to life

Prior to to ideation phase, it was important to include what Kojo wanted on his platform. An interview took place to get an idea of how he would like his website to look.

Interview Questions and Responses

Question: Are there certain colors that you want to incorporate in your website?

Kojo: I love the color black. In fact, I like having everything in dark mode.

Question: What do you want to fulfill with your website?

Kojo: I want people to be able to link to my projects and see what I have done. But, most importantly I 

want to het booked.


Question: Are there any current artists that you admire, regarding their creativity and artistry?

Kojo: There’s a few. Of course, Pharrell is on top of the league right now. I like what Tunez is doing as well, I actually know him personally. Omah Lay’s last project was pretty dope as well.


Question: What kind of vibe do you ultimately want your page to have?

Kojo: Honestly, simplicity, mixed with just all around a really dope look is all I really want.

Kojo's Needs

  • Incorporate a theme that has the color black

  • Include projects that Kojo has curated with emphasis on booking

  • A website that is simple, creative and is extremely eye catching


With consideration of Kojo’s favorite artists, an observation of Pharrell and DJ Tunez’s likeness was made. Pharrell and DJ Tunez were chosen, because they both have production background, which falls in line with Kojo’s work.


The observation included awards won, projects and current following on four popular platforms to decipher what today’s most popular artists are incorporating within their socials. In order to ensure the study had enough data, a 3rd artist by the name Kaytranada was added.


With the data collected, it was clear that every artist selected had an an impressive amount of popularity to consider them within a competition audit. The findings included the following:

DJ Tunez

Accomplishments: 3 awards won, 1 collaboration album album

Social Media Following: Facebook 162K, Instagram 706K, TikTok 303, Twitter 1.3M



Accomplishments: 10 awards won, 2 studio albums

Social Media Following: Instagram: Facebook 433K, Instagram 1M, Tik Tok N/A, Twitter 486.8K

Pharrell Williams

Accomplishments: 57 awards won, 3 solo albums, 6 collaboration albums

Social Media Following: Facebook 13M, Instagram 14.2M, Tik Tok 1M, Twitter 10.6M

Every artist had at least 1 million followers within one or more of the the platforms observed. This conclusion proceeded with including them in a competitive audit. Within the audit the following was found:


Kojo Audit.png

Common Themes

  • The colors black and white were undoubtedly popular, as they are used as core colors within every website.

  • Having 1 page and section within the homepage is more user experience friendly when it comes to an artist’s profile.

  • A section that takes people to current work is a non-negotiable

  • Capitalization to emphasize certain areas is seen within all the websites viewed




User Journey

DJ KO User .png



Home Page
Kojo's logo is a pivotal part of his brand, so it was important to insert it throughout the pages. His mysterious allure is also perfectly exhibited in the image chosen for the homepage.


Kojo also has experience in playing instruments, so it was important to call this out within his booking page. The background image is a collage from one of his most attended events.


Events are a major component of any artist's brand. With this in mind, a showcase of the fun-filled mood that emerges from his appearances were strategically placed in the background.


Kojo released an EP, and that was the focus on the projects page. Icons that would link to the project are also displayed. Below, visitors can quickly get a view of his other work.



Kojo is an artist that is known to have a mysterious, creative and friendly aura. When designing his platform, it was imperative to make sure the website matches his who he is. He provides great moments and joy with his musical talents to people every day, and this needed to be reflected throughout the entire project.






As a music lover and creative, this project was fun and informative. I challenged myself to add images and elements that would easily mesh with white colored font. Knowing that this platform could leverage Kojo's success, meant that it was important that his personality was fully immersed into every inch of the site.

Thinking Ahead

It would be great to get metrics on visits and bookings in order to get a sense of how the platform is benefiting Kojo's career. 

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